Hedge Funds

FengHe Asia

Fenghe Asia Fund is a long-short, China-driven, Asia-focused, cyclical opportunities fund. It uses fundamental research and deep analysis of industry cycles to express its top down, thematic views. FengHe Group’s well-established venture capital business augments FengHe Asia’s public market investing by providing ahead of curve thinking within industries and a deep understanding of the drivers of China’s consumer behaviour. We have annualised returns of 14% since inception in December 2012 and we manage approximately US$115million AUM.

The mandate governs an Asia portfolio with exposure covering Greater China through H shares in HK, ADRs in the US and limited A share access. Positions are also regularly taken in Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines. We are sector agnostic by mandate, however, the top down thematic view may consequentially provide higher weightings to some sectors at any one time.

FengHe Quant

FengHe Quant Fund is an Asia-focused long/short quantitative strategy utilising quantitative analysis across multiple assets and fundamental variables. The fund comprises a rotation strategy of long Hong Kong securities against short Hong Kong index and cash or cash equivalent allocation.

FengHe Quant’s quantitative factors include momentum, value-at-risk, volatility, utility and liquidity. The fund uses dynamic exposure management, regular rebalancing and stop loss to generate a compelling risk return profile.

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