About FengHe Group

We are a leading Asian alternative asset management firm, built on extensive knowledge, experience and networks to uncover the best opportunities in rising Asia.

Based out of Shanghai and Singapore, FengHe Group offers a diversified range of investment products and strategies for institutional investors, family offices and private investors.

There are three business units:

  • Venture Capital – Targets consumer and technology companies with high growth potential and innovative business models in rising Asia.
  • Real Estate – Adopts a nimble approach in value creation and incorporating best practices in risk management.
  • Hedge Funds – Pursues absolute returns strategies by taking advantage of the investment opportunities offered by the cyclical nature of Asian economies and companies.


FengHe Group was founded by John Wu and Matt Hu in 2010. John Wu is a well-respected technologist, entrepreneur and investor who has invested and nurtured many successful enterprises, and also held pivotal roles in the development of two global internet giants, Alibaba Group and Yahoo! Inc. Matt Hu is a highly successful professional investor with extensive investment and economist experience across various industries in Asia and is considered by many of his peers as the pioneering institutional asset manager in China.